Jewellery Care

Your Holliegraphic jewellery should be handled with care at all times.

Please ensure that you clean your jewellery regularly. Over time, sterling silver will naturally tarnish. This can be cleaned by wiping gently with jewellery polishing cloth or a clean, damp cloth.

Remove your jewellery whilst bathing, swimming, gardening, or during sporting and physical activities.


Australian Opal Care

Australian opals are amongst the most delicate of gemstones and require special care.

Opals are porous as they are formed with a significantly high water content. Due to this water content, opals are also sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, which can result in the opal drying out &/ or cracking.

Welo Opal Care

Welo Opals originate in volcanic rock and are even more delicate than Australian Opals.

The Welo Opal absorbs water in a manner similar to that of a sponge. This “hydrophane” property affects the opal when immersed in water, resulting in colour loss and transparency.

As Welo Opals are the most porous of all opals it is recommended to avoid activities such as bathing, swimming, showering, washing hands, as well as exposing the ring to a humid environment. These actions can potentially damage the Welo Opal.


All Holliegraphic jewellery come with a warranty to ensure the quality of the piece If the product faulty due to a manufacturing fault, I will remake or exchange for a similar piece.  

Wear and tear, as well as failure to care for your product according the Holliegraphic’s Jewellery Care guideline will be excluded from warranty.

Please note there is no exchange or refund for custom made jewellery if the buyer orders the product in the wrong size. Discrepancies with aesthetics will be handled on a case by case basis. All import duties and return costs will be at buyer's expense.