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The Artist

Hollie Boslem is an independent Melbourne-based jeweller and artist. Approaching each piece individually, Hollie incorporates an array of influences from numerous mediums. She is inspired by rich, organic textures juxtaposed by vibrant colours. Historically, Hollie spent most of her time focusing on her own portraiture and abstract art, but since she has made the transition into jewellery design, it has become her sole focus and passion. Her motivation stems from the idea of making unique pieces of wearable art, which has the longevity to stay with a person throughout their life. Ultimately, Hollie’s satisfaction comes from making special pieces of jewellery for others to cherish.

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As opals form by silica rich water filling the gaps in rocks deep underground, we want your personally chosen stone to fit seamlessly in the space between your lifestyle and budget. That’s why all of our Australian opals are sourced ethically and directly from Australian mines, combining the highest standards of both ethics and beauty. As opals take many millennia to form, your opal began its journey to you before humans walked the earth. You can’t rush a good thing, so want you to take as much time as you need to ensure your opal is the right fit for your ideal piece of jewellery.

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Our rings are not ‘one-in-a-million’ because if that were true there’d be six more just in Melbourne! Your ring will be one of a kind, ensuring the truly personal touch and individual identity that every piece of our jewellery is designed to deliver. But this is your piece, your story, and your dream. That’s why Hollie sees her role as that of a facilitator, to help and guide you to design your ideal piece of jewellery, and to use her skills as an artisan to turn your vision into reality.