Hi folks! 

Welcome to Holliegraphic, I am an independent jewellery design microbrand based in Melbourne. I specialise in creating one-of-a-kind designs that capture a special moment in time which can be represented with a custom piece of jewellery. I believe that bespoke jewellery has the ability to mark a significant memory, so let me symbolise your unique story in an exceptional piece that can be admired forever.

I use lost wax casting for my jewellery designs, an ancient process where precious metals are made into a distinctive design from an original handmade wax mould. It is important to me to be ethically conscious and to reduce waste wherever possible, so I use recycled metals with responsibly sourced precious gemstones for my designs. I specialise in making handmade to order and custom pieces using clusters of colourful gemstones and precious metals. I combine ancient lost wax casting processes with modern gem setting techniques to create colourful, fun and memorable pieces by hand for you to enjoy for years to come. 

Lots of love, Hollie xox