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Ethically Conscious

ethically conscious

Ethical and sustainable jewellery can be an extremely sensitive topic. Greenwashing is huge in the jewellery industry, so let me be quite frank about our practices. 
When it comes to sourcing natural gemstones, it is incredibly difficult to guarantee they are 100% ethically and sustainably sourced. Unless a jeweller has gone directly to the mine sites to view their practices then ethical sourcing cannot be assured. I believe in transparency, so I feel I have to let you know how rare it is to find ethically sourced gemstones that are not for the billionaire’s club.
With that in mind, I can hand-on-heart say that we source gemstones from reputable suppliers with systems in place to be as ethical as we can know. We have sourced a coloured gemstone supplier based in Australia that is a member of ICAJAA & GAA and all of our Australian opals are sourced directly from the mines.
In regards to precious metals, it is near impossible to know the origin of how and where precious metals are mined. What we can guarantee is that our jewellery casting service is the only casting house in Australia that casts exclusively using 100% recycled refined precious metals. By doing this we are helping to promote a cleaner, greener and safer environment by reducing mining and dangerous emissions.
We do not wish to claim that our jewellery is completely ethical & sustainable as this is a complicated promise, but we can guarantee is that our heart is in the right place to do the best we can with the recourses in the jewellery industry and that is why we prefer the term ethically conscious.

Ethically Conscious Jewellery Brand