Ethically Conscious

Ethical and sustainable jewellery can be an extremely sensitive topic to discuss. At this current time, greenwashing is huge in the jewellery industry so let me be quite frank about my practises:

When it comes to sourcing natural gemstones, it is extremely difficult to guarantee they are 100% ethically and sustainably sourced. Ethical sourcing can never be completely assured by a jewellery business, unless they have physically gone directly to the mine site to view their exact practises. I believe in transparency, so I feel I have to let you know how rare it is to find ethically sourced gemstones that are not for the billionaire’s club (think Blood Diamond etc.)..

With that in mind, I can honestly assure you that I source my gemstones from reputable suppliers with systems in place to be as ethical as I can know. I have sourced a coloured gemstone supplier based in Australia that is a member of ICA, JAA & GAA who has been trading for over 70 years.

In regards to precious metals, it is near impossible to know how and where they were originally mined due to the longevity of the elements such as iron. What I guarantee though is that my jewellery casting service exclusively uses 100% recycled refined precious metals. By doing this, I aim to promote a cleaner, greener and safer environment by reducing the impact of ecological degradation and dangerous emissions. Hopefully this can reduce mining in the future too, but this is another entire economy that I won’t weigh in on, with its own set of ethics..

I do not wish to falsely claim that my jewellery is ethical and sustainable beyond dispute as this is a complicated and nearly impossible promise to make; but what I can promise, is that I consciously aim for the highest possible ethical standards, whilst delivering quality modern jewellery with the Earth and its inhabitants (large or small!) firmly in the back of my mind.

Hollie. xo