Our Packaging

How we package your orders is extremely important to us! We are proud to say that we have created thoughtful packaging which can either be reused, recycled or decompose overtime.

All Holliegraphic pieces come in a super soft cotton flannel gift bag. This bag doubles as a polishing cloth to keep your pieces well maintained and looking as fresh as new!

Our earrings and necklaces are placed inside these bags on a thick cardboard. Once you’re finished with this packaging we would love it if you recycled this! <3

Our rings come in our beautiful pink and blue gradient cardboard ring boxes. This is also recyclable if you choose to discard, however if you keep your ring in this in between use it will further protect your piece! It is also great to travel with!

We post all our jewellery in biodegradable mailers thanks to Hero Pack! These mailers are made from corn-starch and cassava roots. They are also 100% certified compostable!! Hello zero waste packaging!