Ring Size Guide

 Ring Size Guide

Our ring sizes have been designed to fit a finger on your hand if you know roughly which category your hand size fits in to (small, medium etc.).

If you are wanting a ring to fit a specific finger (i.e. your index finger) and you are not sure of your ring size then we strongly recommend getting sized by your local jewellery store before placing your order. This can usually be done for free at any jewellery and watch repair stores or kiosks within your local shopping centres. 

We sell ring sizers here if you want to determine your own size at home! 

The Multi Ring Sizer will give you the confidence to get your dream ring in your perfect size <3 

When using the multi ring sizer, please measure for a fit that pushes onto your finger with ease, but hard to pull off. This way you have a comfortable fit without the risk of your ring falling off!

We accept orders in all AU ring sizes. All you need to do is select size 'custom size' and enter your desired ring size in the notes when checking out. 

You can exchange your product for another size within 30 days of purchasing the item. Please note that this option is not offered for custom size has been ordered. Contact info@holliegraphic.com to exchange a product.